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Firstly, thanks for being here. Seriously, with so much interesting (and more often irrelevant) noise  on the internet these days I hope you feel like you have arrived to a safe haven, a nourishing space, just for you. 

You might be wondering who I am. This is an ironically cliched question to be asking a psychologist!  Yet completely understandable, so here’s a snippet of how I got here….

I started this company as a platform with the ultimate purpose of supporting the resilience and effectiveness of people who I believe we need (desperately) in our society. Caregivers.

This thought started years ago. I started to take action on my growing concern about climate change. Initially I felt clueless. I had no idea how I could contribute. Or if anything I did would make a difference. But I set about with the mentality of experimentation. To just get out there and see where the path lead. After some time, through different volunteer roles, I met some amazing passionate dedicated people. Every day people who inspired me, doing courageous work. People who would give up so much to make a difference. Yet I also noticed the emotional burden. The heightened sense of responsibility, the neverending tasks to be done, the endless battels. The self-sacrifice and lack of giving back anything much nourishing to oneself. I worried. Some of these people were showing signs of fatigue, stress and burnout. Some told me stories of how they had already been there, and back again. I felt strongly that we needed these types of people in our world. And that we need them to sustain their passion, their voice, their work satisfaction, so they could keep advocating for a better world. And that’s when I realised, here is where I could contribute.

Through years I volunteered (and still do) with a NFP Psychology for a Safe Climate. Being with like-minded colleagues and collaborating together on providing emotional support and understanding around climate change further consolidated that I had to make this my life purpose. Still, the risk of starting a small business felt too daunting. Where would I begin?

Then I fell pregnant, with twins! My self-care skills truly put to the test. On a daily basis I felt so much gratitude to have been a psychologist, with access to so many resources. And it was the family, peer and community support that got me through the really tough times. And this is what motivates me to combine sharing skills with connection in this business. Developing a community of self-care for caregivers is vital.

Prior to going on maternity leave I had been working as a clinical psychologist, since 2006, mostly in community mental health services. I still work part time there, however as the fog of newborns faded I once again felt motivated to support other caregivers. Love is such a powerful motivator. My girls future intricately dependant on the thousands of caregivers out there who are diligently and passionately changing our world; to address climate change, inequalities, consumption and other self-damaging cultural habits.  

So in 2017 I started. Tapping away a few hours each day, between work, kids, life….one can only go at the pace life gives you … And so it begins….I hope you will join me and that you find nourishment in the resources I share and the community we will build together.