AIR Space: Awaken Inner Resources

A monthly group space to air our feelings about climate change and grow some inner resources together.

First Monday of the Month

Next Session July 1st 2019

10-1130am @ Clinical Psychology Fairfield VIC Australia

For more Details: https://site.corsizio.com/c/5ceb79cab4594047b47567a0

This is a small group space for respectful and compassionate listening, sharing, learning and growth.

The format will give time to expression, to share whatever might be on the minds of participants on that particular day around climate change. This will be followed by a guided practise, teaching a psychological inner resource to support healthy engagement with climate change and life.

‘The more our hearts love this beautiful earth and everything within it, the more we feel the pain of the life that is currently being harmed on the planet. Though this experience is sometimes difficult to bear, it has a purpose. Our love can help kindle the necessary fire within to protect that which we hold most dear’ – Mark Coleman, Author, Awake in the Wild

Workshops, public speaking & Training

Creating a culture of self-care begins with speaking up and reaching out to as many people as possible. Bronwyn enjoys presenting, facilitating workshops and providing psycho-education to groups of people. Naturally the session length, focus and skills shared depend on the needs of your group/organisation and the context of what you hope to achieve; some ideas for topics are below but we can also get creative!

Over the past 12 years of practising as a clinical psychologist Bronwyn has designed and implemented countless talks, workshops, and seminars within her workplace, at conferences, and also within volunteer position with Psychology for a Safe Climate. Her workshops are engaging and apply the principles of learning, utilising creative and experiential methods to support new learning to sink in at a deep level. The skills taught are theoretically and empirically sound. She wields a good sense of humour and has a flexible teaching style, which includes being spontaneous and demonstrating skills as they arise in the group.

Some of the organisations she has been invited to provide talks/sessions to in 2018 have included:

  • Production company KOJO: Mindfulness and rewards session

  • Australian Psychological Society Congress: Panel Discussion

  • Victorian Government Climate Adaptation Sector Summit: Presentation

  • Darebin Council Climate Emergency Conference: Presentation

  • Environment Film Festival Victoria: Panel Discussion

  • Australian BPD Foundation: Presentation and practise

Workshops are a unique opportunity to give space to learning, rehearsing and fine-tuning skills. Most importantly these workshops allow us to be around others and experience the sense of common humanity so essential for our well-being.

Some examples of workshops topics include:

  • Mindfulness & self compassion skills – introductory and advanced

  • Counselling skills in action e.g. active listening, empathy and validation

  • Understanding Mental illness e.g. anxiety, depression, personality disorder, trauma

  • Working with challenging behaviours e.g. self harm and substance use

  • Climate change: Understanding Climate change, the links with health and emotional health, working through how we feel about climate change

  • Cognitive/behavioural skills

  • Interpersonal effectiveness skills

  • Emotions: Understanding the function of emotions and how to respond effectively to students when they are distressed