Self-Care Resources

We are building a range of online psychological self-care resources in the form of:

  • Online videos

  • Podcast: Climactic

How fascinating that we are so different and unique, and yet also how we all share very common basic psychological and physical needs?

We share the need for food, water, shelter & safety, but equally we have psychological needs for love, approval, and appreciation. While our emotions range in intensity, duration and sensitivity, we all share the basic core emotions. Naturally our emotional experiences vary and are based on our childhood development and learning in adult life, yet all of us need skills for regulating how we feel and for taking care of ourselves. Our minds, emotions, bodies and self are intricately interconnected and influencing each other.

Getting to know the art of self-care involves getting to know yourself, making yourself familiar with what your needs may be at any particular moment. The understanding of this art is that it is full of opposites, where both are sometimes true and needed! And we go between them like a see-saw, moving fluidly and flexibly as our needs shift and change.

The intention here is to share, to increase your self-care care factor, and to inspire you to tune in, listen, understand how you feel and give yourself what you need.

Online videos and resources

Not everyone has the time or money to attend workshops, so we are building a video library of psychological resources that inspire you to embed a culture of self-care into your life. Inspired by psychological therapies and skills including mindfulness, compassion, dialectics, cognitive and behaviour therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitement therapy (ACT) and more. 

Naturally these skills are not a substitute for therapy or advice. The idea is that we need a range of skills to support us in life, and sometimes a skill will be helpful in one situation, or at one time in life, and not others. This is the art of self-care; to be flexible in trying different things and attuned to what it is you might need in any given moment. Here's the youtube chaneel where the videos will be available:

The first challenge is tackling the reasons we neglect ourselves in the first place. So this is where we begin. Check out the clips below for skills addressing the top three reasons people don't give themselves the care they need. 

Videos: Overcoming The top 3 challenges to Self-Care

To sustain each of our Compassionate Nature's looking after ourselves is key. So here we are on a mission to make self-care part and parcel of our everyday approach to life.

Self care can be something that doesn’t have to compete with our daily demands, that isn’t another chore or pressure and is not something we feel we ‘should’ be doing. It is a fundamental approach to living that gives us opportunity to experience the natural benefits that flow.

In these three videos Bronwyn introducing some skills to work through the three most common challenges we face around self-care:

Time factor (lack of time in our busy days)

Guilt factor (that we feel unproductive, selfish, or indulgent)

Needs factor (not actually working to nourish or support ourselves).




Please be advised that sharing these skills is not a substitute for personal clinical advice or psychological therapy. The information shared here is to generate interest and ideas while the skills are general, and as such are not comprehensive or individually tailored. Naturally the application and outcome of skills varies from individual to individual. If you would like to work with a professional on your self-care skills you might consider seeing a psychologist and refer to the Australian Psychological Society for further information.

If you are in distress or needing immediate help please seek support by calling lifeline 13 11 14. 

*A special thanks to friend Oliver Waghorn or generously donating his time, filming and editing skills to Compassionate Nature. You can check out his work at


This year, 2019, I joined the podcast collective CLIMACTIC - it’s a completely new skill set for me and so I thank the brave souls who have so far allowed me to interview them! My hope is to bridge the connections between care-giving for mother earth, care-giving for others and self care. To share stories of finding one’s purpose in this great turning, to generate a sense of togetherness as we fumble about, and to celebrate growth through failure as we move towards success.

I’ve still got my L Plates on so please send me any feedback or top tips you might have that will support my skills growth. AND if you have a story you would like to share around your personal journey to taking action on climate change, the challenges you faced and how you are overcoming them, please send me through an email, I would love to hear from you!

Carolyn invargson (1).jpg

A conversation with Carolyn Invarson

Creating Lighter Footprints

Compliments of the team from Climactic

a bit more history

I started this project called ‘‘Feeling the Change’’ in June 2018. But the idea for it came many years earlier. After much struggle to figure out how I could contribute to climate change a thought occurred to me. It’s not just me who struggles with this. Other people feel this way too! And, how awesome would it be to meet some of those people? To hear their personal journey. To listen to their emotional ups and downs. To learn about personal resilience.

So, if you are interested in the story to how I got to where I am read below, otherwise skip straight to the first episode and enjoy!

After finally committing to the idea I was eager to begin. I recorded some interviews, not really sure what would happen, although trusting something (eventually) would. The interviews remained ‘‘in the can’’…. for 6 months. But, it is fair to say that they were ever present in my mind. The trouble was twofold. Firstly, I had no idea how to edit or produce. Secondly, I had little interest in learning (possibly little time too). Along the way I met others who helped. Brad in particular. As soon as I told Brad what I was doing he enthusiastically offered his editing expertise and equipment to get us going. He worked around me being a mum and literally deconstructed all his computer equipment to rebuild a studio in my living room. It was next level helpful, honestly, A+++ for effort! Finally I felt like there was some momentum….

Then enter in Mark from Climactic. I met Mark at an event last year and fast forward a few months we were having a cuppa in the city. To my delight, and let’s be honest, relief, he said Climactic could help. Edit, produce, launch, whatever I needed, they would be there, no strings attached, just in it for the greater good. Mind blown. Yet again I was humbled by the sincere generosity of people in our community wanting to tackle climate change. It was a beautiful. And then there was the invitation to join Climactic. This meant temporarily letting go of the individual podcast ‘‘Feeling the Change’’ (which didn’t really exist yet anyway) and joining a team until I felt ready to go out on my own. This was perfect. I love collaborating! And impressed by Mark’s acts of kindness I thought, why not? It also appealed to my reasonable brain who was freaking out about how I was going too fit in a podcast on top of being a mum and working. So another easy decision made.

And the best news? I can stay true to my original intention. My hope is that through conversations a sense of common humanity around engaging with climate change is felt by the listener. To feel you are not alone.. To be inspired by each other’s journeys. To give space to our emotional selves, who care deeply. To encourage a culture of care, including of one-self, as we navigate this together.

Check out the link below to my first episode hosted with Climactic - be gentle with me - being new to podcast hosting I am already learning so much, so bear with me as I evolve!

If you would like to share your story of responding to climate change and self-care I would love to hear from you! 

Please connect through info@compassionatenature and send me your ideas.